It takes a lot to have successful CCW classes. You must be knowledgeable and skilled in many areas. Not only must you be knowledgeable enough to train others how to safely use guns, but you must find ways to promote your classes, create and maintain a website, create a dynamic PowerPoint presentation, communicate with students and handle all of the administrative requirements.

These daunting tasks are made much easier with training received at a US Concealed Carry Association Instructor Certification Course. You will be equipped with the knowledge and materials to be successful in this highly competitive field.

However, even with the outstanding training received from the USCCA, there are skills that can only be learned on the range. US Gun Class has an optional expanded 4-day handgun skills course that will give you superior personal gun-handling and range skills as well as the training to effectively pass that knowledge on to your students.

With both of these courses you will be among the elite handgun trainers in our industry.



USCCA Certified Instructor Course

Phase 1 of the course is an 8 hour on-line training module developed by Michael Martin of the USCCA. The training module mirrors his book “Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals” and the professionally developed PowerPoint presentation for use in your classes. The on-line training module must be completed prior to attending the live training session.

The cost of phase 1 is $250 and includes the Instructor Toolkit and E-Learning Module. These are purchased directly from the USCCA. As registered students for the Instructor Certification Course, you will receive a substantial price reduction for these items. If you already have one or both of these, your price will be reduced or eliminated. Upon completion of the class you will be sent the Instructor Toolkit.

Phase 2 is a live certification session consisting of classroom instruction, hands-on breakout sessions, and live-fire exercises. The live certification session covers the following topics:

  • Course Introduction and FAQs
  • Instructor Mistakes
  • Teaching Best Practices
  • Managing a Safe Live Fire Range
  • Live Fire Exercises
  • Presenting the Student Multimedia
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Final Test and Review

The cost of phase 2 is $347 and is paid directly to the classroom instructor. Class space is limited to 12 students per instructor.

Successful completion of phase 1 and 2 will earn you the right to be called a United States Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor. Your certification is approved to teach CCW classes in 36 states. You will be listed on the USCCA Instructor website and your classes will be searchable to prospective students.

Please understand that this is not an automatic, rubber-stamp course. You must pass a shooting qualification, pass a written exam and you must pass the instructor’s approval in class participation and presentation skills. You must earn the right to become a USCCA Certified Instructor. But once you do, you will join the best in training citizens across America in the principals of self-defense and concealed carry.



USCCA Instructor Toolkit

It has been called a “CCW Class in a Box.” The USCCA Instructor Toolkit contains all of the material you need to conduct your classes.

Working in collaboration with expert photographers, illustrators and videographers, the USCCA has created what’s now considered to be the industry standard for concealed carry and home defense textbooks and PowerPoint presentations.

The Instructor Toolkit includes: 10 copies of Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals by USCCA Chief Instructor Michael Martin, his complete 235-slide PowerPoint presentation, 14 professional quality classroom videos that enhance the subject being discussed, and one classroom poster printed in high resolution color, using the same incredible graphics from the book and PowerPoint.



USCCA Certified Instructor Course taught by US Gun Class instructors

  • Arizona, Phoenix - Stan Hughes 623-261-9537
  • Colorado, Denver - Bobby Schneider 303-548-7470
  • Connecticut, Derby - Dan Bulkley 203-590-2120
  • Florida, Crestview - Chris and Connie Harrison 850-333-0046
  • Florida, Gainesville - Mike Price 352-359-3005
  • Florida, Juno Beach - Dondi and Sarah Byrd 561-568-4700
  • Florida, Lakeland - Mike Schmidt 863-529-7713
  • Florida, Orlando - Scot Batchen 561-767-0381
  • Florida, Tarpon Springs - George Gaines 404-918-7098
  • Indiana, Columbus - Brett Dicks 734-277-5985
  • Iowa, Cedar Rapids - David Turner 319-777-4316
  • Kansas, Olathe - Susan Hutchcraft 913-908 6739
  • Kentucky, Florence - Sam Rodriguez 859-360-9655
  • Kentucky, Russelville - Suzie Doer 270-970-4007
  • Wisconsin, Kenosha - Richard Schimenti 262-515-1744