USCCA, Now What


US Gun Class is expanding across America. We currently train thousands of students a month in exclusive territories with local instructors who partner with us in our company owned locations.

For further expansion we are looking to share our national brand and CCW marketing and adminative expertise with instructors who want to run their own business as US Gun Class Affiliate Instructors. You will be your own boss. Your success will be determined by how hard you work, how effective you are as an instructor and your personal skills. You will receive all of the revenue and pay all of the expenses.

US Gun Class will provide you with a turnkey gun class including national branding, website, online registration form, Facebook page and marketing support. Class PowerPoints and certifications are provided by the United States Concealed Carry Association and the NRA.

US Gun Class is known for quality and excellence. To protect our brand we require quality and excellence in our affiliate instructors. Our affiliate instructors must be USCCA certified instructors and NRA certified instructors. We are looking for instructors who not only have their certifications, but also handgun knowledge and skills.

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